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In 2019 while waiting to meet with a friend, I took out my travel sized sketchbook and brainstormed a story in which a little boy from San Antonio, Texas mysteriously developed the supernatural ability to manipulate fire.

With the help of supportive parents, much of his youth would be dedicated to harnessing this ability. But as it posed a danger to himself and others, he would grow up more often suppressing this core detail of his life - therefore never establishing control (and much less understanding of its origin).

This boy's name is Pyrom [Peer-um], shortened from the word Pyromaniac.

This series follows the life of a girl named Ryan, her roommate and closest friend Bri, and many of her other intimate relationships until she ultimately meets the person for which this story is titled.

The purpose of this project is with every Polaroid "taken" I come to better understand my own characters. Some may stay or go, others may experience big changes - whatever it may be, every photo captures a prequel moment to the main narrative of Pyrom, set as a fictional tale within a non fictional environment.

While I can't say for sure how I intend to transform this series, what I can say is I'm grateful you're here in support of what I love.


Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy this story as it develops.

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